Jessica & David

Toledo Botanical Garden is a nature lovers paradise. The land was donated by George P. Crosby to the City of Toledo and was originally about 20 acres; Now it spans more than 60 acres and is a luxurious garden full of excitement at every turn. From rose gardens to a maze of pathways. The garden offers more than just beautiful flowers, it is a unique community of Guilds, Gardeners and Artisans that come together to create magic. You can see amazing artwork and talented artists at the annual Crosby Festival of the Arts held on the ground of the Toledo Botanical Garden.

Now, let's move on to Jessica and David's Engagement session in this lovely location. We started at the log cabin that you come across as you make your way down the main path through the garden. This is always a lovely place for a few quick must have shots!

We walked down the path a little further and made our way to the beautiful rows of brightly colored roses and rows of sweetly scented flowers that delight your senses for sure. I always have to sneek a sniff or two when I shoot at this location.

As I turned to walk back to the path I noticed this really beautiful little spot nestled between two pine trees. It was the perfect size to get Jessica and David as the center of attention in the shot. The gorgeous Weeping Willow tree in the background lent itself to the perfect backdrop for this wonderful couple's special shot. This photo was done using a special technique that I try to do at every big shoot. This photo was over 20 images all put together to compose the entire image that has a totally different feel to it than just a single edited shot. I love shooting this way, it almost feel 3D to me. J

If you have ever been to the garden you will know exactly where this shot was taken. But can we admire the colors in the background before anything else. Normally I don't like shooting on bridges but this was the perfect setting for it. I stopped them for a quick second to grab this shot then we kept walking down the path and came upon some beautiful low hanging trees. I just had to get some shots with texture.

We finished up in the beautiful aisle of trees perfectly lined up in rows. I don't think I could ever get tired of shooting at this place. I can shoot in the same location but have a different feel every time. I can't wait to shoot their wedding day! The best is yet to come!