Jillian & William

Will and Jillian had their ceremony and reception in the same location. The Blarney Event Center was the location of magical moments that night. They  transformed a ceremony site into a reception location in the time it took to take family photos which we also took right outside on the patio. After some shuffling of tables we were able to capture all the precious family photos that are a must. The Blarney Event Center is not only a beautiful location for a wedding or reception but it has an amazingly tasteful menu. I have to say hands down it was the best wedding meal I have ever had. To top the night off with a little excitement the manager showed us the roof so we could get rooftop photos with Will and Jillian just to make their night that much more memorable! It was a night I will never forget! So definitely take a look into this location for a classy but fun night.

Now, let's move on to Jillian and Will's big day. I started by heading to Jillian's house for some extra shots as my gift to them. Their bedroom lent the backdrop to some of their beautiful detail shots. I found things around their room to use as a surface and set them next to a window to get the beautifully lit scene.

We met up at the Blarney Event Center to get some shots of the couple exchanging love notes without seeing each other. Needless to say things got quite emotional when her sons walked around the door and saw their mom looking like a princess. After the tears were wiped away we got our shot. What a moment!

The boys were never far behind and they stood up front with smiles on their faces until the big moment of the kiss comes. You can see a great view of the gold accent colors being picked up in Wills shoes. The forest green dresses and bouquets with gold accents was a color combination that was not only classy, but  elegant and rich to boot. We ended up with a beautiful lush green backdrop at the Middlegrounds Park on the edge of downtown Toledo. The park really brought Jillian and Will's color scheme together flawlessly.

We finished up at this beautiful location and headed back to the party after tons of shots here at The Middlegrounds Metropark, just outside of Downtown Toledo. The Blarney Event Center is only minutes from this wonderful park. The night begins with dancing and celebration. Will and Jillian really show their emotions in their faces. You can not only feel the love but see every ounce of it pouring from their souls.
Here you can get a better look at Jillians beautifully simple, yet elegant wedding gown from all angles. The gold sash and headband really "marries" their look together and pairs nicely with Wills gold shoe and tie .